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About 3fitech

About Us

3fitech is an initiative by dreamer and thinker of the IT industry, who wants to build a world where people will not regret the technology. People will acutely enjoy their every moment with future technology build by 3fitech. Even the people who think alike are most welcomed to join our organization by sharing their thought, concepts and ideas with us. We will make sure to work for their dreams, which will help us to build the world of technology we think and dream about.

  • Thinking beyond possibilities.
  • Providing a platform for thinkers and dreamers of new era technology.
  • Working on new Concepts and Ideas.
  • Working for Technology in favor of Nature and Humanity.
  • Bringing the world together.
  • Securing Computer World to keep Private stuff, Private.

Our History

3fitech was established early in 2010 by three college friends who were good in "C Language" to deliver a government project initiated by one of the members. They named the company "Three Friends Infosys". Even one of them created a logo in MSword. However, the project was not delivered on time, and later in 2010 and they decided to move to their work leaving the company behind. One of them joined a government bank and two of them started working in different IT Companies. But later in 2011 one of those who were working in IT Company decided to re-establish the startup "Three Friends Infosys" with a new name, and this time the name was "3fitech".

This time company delivered the first project of Email Solution for Charted Accountants. Later on, Company also introduced E-Commerce (desibhandar.com) and worked with various national and international clients.
Today company is working for more than 100 clients and the best part is all the clients are highly satisfied with the service.
Also, the company is working on different products and ideas to make the internet a better place to be. We are devoted to quality, and client satisfaction is our priority.

What we do

simplify your business processes

3fitech, since its inception in 2011 helps your business in ERP software implementation, customized applications, website designing & development and website promotion. With experience of more than 9 years in the industry, we are well versed organization in India to deliver quality services in our field on time and every time.

  • Thinking beyond possibilities
  • Providing platform for thinker and dreamer of new era technology
  • Working on new Concepts
  • Working for Technology in favor of Nature and Humanity
  • Bringing the world together
  • Securing Computer World to keep Private stuff, Private
About 3fitech




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