Point of sale

POS - Point of sale

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POS is an online multi-store point of sale system for Android devices with a Web Admin panel to manage multiple stores or stores. It is a very useful online multi-store point of sale system for Android mobile devices or tablets. With POS, you can easily maintain all your stores and all kinds of products and sales records. You can store information about customers and suppliers. You can easily see your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports using a bar chart. POS has multi-language facility (English, Spanish, Bengali, French, Hindi). You can sell the product from your Android device or tablet and manage the checkout system from the web admin panel. There are three types of users – administrator, manager and staff. They also have user access restrictions. You can smartly manage sales in your stores anytime, anywhere.

Advantages of HR & Payroll System:

  • Less cost.
  • Ease of use.
  • A POS makes it easy to keep track of the inventory your store has.
  • Point of sale software allows you to record and group all your invoices.
  • A point of sale helps make payments faster.
  • By having a POS system, it is possible to document your customers’ information in your system.
  • In Alice POS, we refer to this as a customer order.